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When a plant is infested, viral RNA invades plant cell and proliferates. Inside an infested cell new RNA and viral protein molecules are synthesized, then proteins attach themselves to RNA. These complex molecules enter other cells and infest them.

Until recently the ice cover of the Antarctic Continent was considered to be totally lifeless. This is what the scientists have thought until 15 years ago S.S. Abyzov (PhD (biology) from RAS Institute of Microbiology) has found microorganisms inside Antarctic ice bacteria, yeasts and fungi.

Its well known that chronic alcoholics have many problems. Recently Russian scientists have found another alcoholic trouble these poor people have mitochondria moving to cell nucleus. The consequences are simple the cell dies.

Human identity can be seen everywhere, and in the speech also. Not only cultural level influences language fertility and associations appearing when various words are heard.

RAS Nuclear Research Institute scientists have come out with an original technique for separating fast neutrons from gamma rays and measuring their energy. The technique is very simple and safe.

Famous Russian scientist I.P. Pavlov considered the language, second signal system, to be a human beings exclusive privilege. Modern researchers think that animals also have more or less developed language skills.

Mammalian cardio-vascular system is susceptible to many diseases, the most common of which is high arterial tension. This disease usually appears, when an organism matures, and emerges when all organ systems are totally formed.

Every living being receives from the outside and produces itself plenty of toxic substances during its life. System of detoxication prevents an organism from being poisoned. It is possible to estimate detoxication system enzyme activity of every animal or human being; the scientists call this technique making metabolic portraits.

Medicinal herbs are able to concentrate iodine and various metals. They extract these elements from soil.

Does the brain weight influence the intellect? Humanity asks this question for many years. However, the experiments showed that mice brain growth led to some other changes in their nervous system.

We usually regard trees as natural umbrellas. But youd better forget about it in industrial areas. Rains there are dirty, and become even dirtier, when they permeate tree crown.

An inflammation is a normal reaction of a healthy organism on any foreign thing. The first stage is subclinical inflammation, which appears when few foreign cells invade an organism. The treatment is based on prolonged activity of subclinical inflammation system during chronic processes.

Ozone layer is known to prevent hard life-destructing UV radiation coming from the space from penetrating Earths atmosphere. Since 1979 general ozone content in the atmosphere have been decreasing at a rate of 2.5% per decade.

If you want to tell somebody what you have seen, first you have to seize the point and then describe it with words. If one is unable to do it, then a specific part of his brain is damaged this is the traditional view of this problem.

Many species of wild animals find shelter in the zones of radioactive contamination of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine, where ionizing radiation doses exceed permissible rates of sanitation, where people have moved away and there is no farming and other activities.

Meteorites pieces of large cosmic bodies brought to our planet by a long arm of coincidence attract attention of microbiologists for a long time.

Scientists suggest that life could have appeared not in the ocean, but in continental soda lakes, moreover, such lakes can still be found on Earth today.

Ebola virus is one of the most dangerous viruses known to the humanity. Most people, who catch Ebola fever, die, and still theres no cure for this cruel disease. There is no effective treatment against this group of viruses; however, injecting antiviral antibodies can relieve the course of the disease.

One of the reasons for tumor uncontrolled growth is that cancer cells are almost invisible for immune system. For patients organism successful fight against the tumor, scientists try to make the tumor visible to mark its surface with antigens causing explosive immune response.

Who has never read science fiction stories and never watched movies, in which space explorers travel through immense interstellar distances under artificial sleep conditions helping astronauts to keep their organisms unchanged for centuries? In fact, so-called anabiosis is common in nature, especially among microorganisms.

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